Dunzo Head Office
Smart Square Complex, No 201, 2nd Floor, 100 Feet Rd, Indira Nagar II Stage, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560038, India
Review №1

How much time will they take to come and pick up?? I cant find a contact number to ask this!!Edit: I used Dunzos service, it was very smooth and was delivered within the time. All Thanks and appreciation to the delivery person.He arrived within 10 minutes to pick up the package.

Review №2

They delivered wrong product as u cn see the delivery guy as also uploaded the picture which is not wat I oderd n still they refused to help n scammed me do u expect me to feed my cat what doctor has recommended as she is sick or whatever ur providing ..I almost oderd daily m done with you guys n I have also reached consumer court regarding this

Review №3

Customer support the worst. They lost my parcel now they arent even giving me any compensation.

Review №4

They have good service. But, the quality of the vegetables that they provide is very bad for that amount. Do not buy anything from them, as Dunzo customer service don’t replace or refund the items bought. It’s such a waste. I recently bought vegetables from Xpress Mart in Indiranagar. Hence, don’t buy vegetables here.

Review №5

I had placed an order today with Dunzo and the delivery partner name was Sathish- we had 6 boxes of food parcel and when Sathish delivered it to me he delivered only 5 and one package containing mutton gravy, he stole it and is not responding to my calls.When contacted customer care “Naveen” he is asking for invoice number, description on it etc I don’t understand what it we wanted some producing to be delivered doesn’t have any invoice information.This is a pathetic experience when I am using Dunzo for the first time, you guys suck

Review №6

Pathetic experience on ordering grocery items through Dunzo. In total, 3 times I got incorrect items but it was fine as they gave some discount on the next orders and recently when 2 of the items worth around 150rs were missing, I raised multiple complaints but didn’t get any response. Then I had to write to grievance officer I’d, Still not got any revert. Also don’t have any other way to reach them, there is no contact number. Please stop fooling people and streamline things, provide solution instead of ignoring the complaints of customers.

Review №7

The customer service is good. But I couldnt contact the customer care number.

Review №8

Very bad experience from Dunzo. I got it partial delivery. When I asked support team they simply denied and sending same message again and again. Shame on you dunzo without any proper customer service.

Review №9

Worst experience..ordered and Paid items are not delivered...but got the message from Dunzo that items are delivered...when contacted the support team...i got the response as Partner reached your place waited for 30 mins and unable to establish the connectivity with you..i am surprised that With in 35 mins Dunzo partner has purchased the items and reached my place which is 2.5 kms from the shop and waited at my place for 30 mins...Dunzo partner must be a super human... Worst and pathetic customer service from service representative team...

Review №10

Waste products supply before packing not check which is recently one oder place but very bad condition product received

Review №11

They have not delivered my valuable items and not providing any information. very bad way of making money and cheating people. i hope gov authority should take some action and stop their business.

Review №12

Dont want to explain plz dont use this app or services they will wast our time we can get the things what we need by going a walk.

Review №13

They took the money and not placed order..and there is not support .i got cheated .

Review №14

Application is good I heard for consumers, but delivery guys are facing many problems everyday, and lengthy process is a no no, just research fully and join here my friends.

Review №15

I had given the delivery boy all the correct information and details. I couldnt pick the call due to some personal emergency for few minutes. He has taken my product with him. He is blaming customer care asked me to close the order. I have paid for everything and not received my product. Cheap company. Can be called fraud too

Review №16

I ordered 3 items and paid 369 but I received 1 item cost of 89 balance amount not refunded 1 week over and there is no proper customer support

Review №17

Dunzo used to be a good but now its become pathetic, when you order grocery and if the order is wrong/damaged/missing it not acknowledge or replace nor a refund provide for the missing items, a ticket would be created by the bot and without anyone contacting you the ticket is automatically closed, that is ridiculous. In fact you are paying much more for the service and comparatively they are more expensive then their competitors. Ive been using there service I do not recommend it.

Review №18

Dunzo is so awesome that I can stay COVID free all the time. Thanks to Dunzo Heroes on the ground, I get my daily needs without having to step out.I recommend this app to everybody. Thank you Dunzo :)

Review №19

Worstest ever experience.. They are big cheats.. they process the payment and your amount will already be deducted from your UPI and no order will be processed at all.I should say this is mini trap.. I wldnt evn hv rated one star but no option. There is no proper customer support also to answer or settle such issues.. They deducted the same amount twice and yet the order shows payment failure ..

Review №20

I dont understand why few areas show unserviceable in dunzo, whats the reason?why doesnt dunzo provide services to all the areas in Bangalore & other cities, if the service is provided to all the possible areas in Bangalore & other cities it will be very helpful for people, when is dunzo going to implement & start providing services to all the areas?

Review №21

Dunzo Indias No 1 logistic company and iam very happy with the service which dunzo provides with fast delivery and quick response and customer support is too goodGrocery , Pick and drop , restuarant ,all in one service .Good to have the app

Review №22

Always available. Have great experience everytime. Regards.

Review №23

Coolest app that ever used.awsome delivery service.Apperication for their hardwork to get everything done within the city limits.

Review №24

Such a worst service i ever seen...I planned to send some parcel through dunzo.. they detected the amount . but after that it showing partners are not available.. if partners are not available means why you should detect the money ?? . No customer care service. no proper way to handle the customers. Please dont play with peoples , If you are not able to continue the services means please stop the service . dont take peoples money. I wont give single star also.. but google not accept without any star. Thats why single star.

Review №25

Worst service by staff Manjunath NV,

Review №26

Usinh Dunzo for a long time now, never faced an issue. I order and within 20mins the delivery guy is at my door. Its become an integral part of my routine if I need anything my goto is Dunzo

Review №27

Yesterday i was order from dunzo and the delivery patner called me and told he cant come to my location he asked me to get item from his location and then i was contacted the dunzo customer care trough app while discussing about this i got pop up that item is delivered at the same time i was called the patner he was not picked i was keep on trying the patner was not attending and i was complaint through mail that i have not received the product they are replied that they will arrange a conference call with patner after that there isno response from dunzo end i was mailed so many times but no rply .....defently i will go for a complaint to consumer court bcs they should not repeat it again i have paid 610 rs there is no value for our money if we are not doing anything means they will repeat the same thing again and so

Review №28

❤️ there service.there partners are much better than the others and there costumer care is just so fast and grt

Review №29

I have paid money 2 times they are not giving it back

Review №30

Ordered items from top and town but Dunzo took the money never delivered horrible experience

Review №31

Pathetic service. On my first ever order with dunzo, the delivery agent charged my mother who was picking up the order the amount that had already been paid. On contacting customer support they said they had confirmed with the delivery agent and he had not taken any cash. The customer care executive was adamant that no cash had been taken. Pathetic service. Pathetic delivery agents. They dont even provide cod so that delivery agents can take advantage of people this way. No recommending dunzo.

Review №32

Most unprofessional rude behaviour by delivery boy I have seen, even they are using bad words, inspite of giving correct address and location, they are calling and telling to collect item, and making us to collect, its three times similar case with Dunzo. And they are trying to blame customer as address is wrong. And Dunzo team is not verifying while we complain. Sorry for inconvenience is not the solution. Dunzo has to train basis formalities how to deal with customers not for money.

Review №33

I need to rate zero ......but there is no option ....worst customer support proper response from dunzo supportThey cheating the dunzo partner (delivery guys) .....even they r not listening to partner issue .....worst worst worst customer support ..... please close ur customer support services

Review №34

I don’t even want to give that single star for the experience I had . We had ordered some items from a store nearby , the delivery guy stole our items and ran away . He lied to customer care saying he didn’t reach the destination where as we had all proofs of shopkeeper giving him the items , as we knew the shopkeeper since long !It was terrible because dunzo didn’t take any responsibility and instead they blamed us for everything. The customer care is really horrible , they don’t help or care about any of their customers .Very disappointed and saddened with the experienceName of the delivery executive - Nawaz Ahmed !

Review №35

Very very good gopi nice talking and fast deliver

Review №36

I live in JP nagar which is one of the most hot spot of bangalore, and Ive tried 5-6 different times to schedule a pick up and delivery service and every time I try, it has no delivery agent.I mean, how can an app not provide service everytime I try?! very very disappointing app.

Review №37

Its ok

Review №38

We have been using the Dunzo for business, sometime accidentally customer pay amount delivery boys. most of the dunzo delivery boys are unethical neither they do not inform customer they should not collect or they give that money back us. we happened to face many items like this and i recommend not to use strictly the dunzo even if it cost more better use the swiggy go very professional and very ethical system in place.

Review №39

All is fine but the office-bearers want to call in the customer care. You do not call people by mistake because you do not even think that there is no response to Owl in the customer contact number because you have to pay first in the banjo. If you do not want to give it, you will not be able to do it, but you will not be able to do any contact. There is no option but you do not even ask to do the phone. I do not know whether your food has come or not, but people will not say that they are very dirty because these lunas have no response, they have eaten like this. It has happened to me that has happened so far 6 hours. There is no response. Man did not call and asked not to get food. I did not get food.

Review №40

Very worst customer support team in dunxo, they have blocked my active account without any proper reason, i have sent few mails customer care for support, but no use of it, soon i will share that mail chain in social media to give awareness about their support team.better people can use swiggy genie, they will also give same services which dunzo is currently providing.

Review №41

Never order food from restaurants in Dunzo, they can’t track the order. It might take 2 hours to deliver. If u normal stuffs also the deliver boy don’t check the orders , biscuits will be crushed , oil will be different, vegetables will be rotten. If you complain in support they will reimburse the money that is a good part and few deliveries are good. But my experience for most of the items are always bad.

Review №42

Dunzo tagline should be like: We send anything, until then, keep your fingers crossed and keep praying to god. No tracking of the items sent, so dont rely on them for valuable things. I sent out a expensive gift item, the item was supposed to reach in 2 hours, but even after 5 hours, i had no idea what had happened? My friend had not received it, we had no idea where it was. Thank god, after 5 hours of scare, it was there with the security. Their Support team is extra-ordinarily pathetic. I asked for a invoice for the delivery(to claim from the company), all they sent was a plain text email with some details. They say this is what we have. Their team on the other end of chat service is pain fully slow to respond, and they abruptly closed the chat marking as resolved, even when i was typing :-) Looks like Dunzo is too focussed on becoming a million dollar company and ignoring the small yet important services to their customers. Good luck with that!

Review №43

This service is a scam , dont believe these guys, I was suppose to get a product picked from hospital for which I paid product money for hospital. All dunzo guy was to do was to drop it to my address. Instead he asked to pay the product and delivery amount through dunzo app n he will pay me product amount once he reach me for delivery. I believed him, after that he never received the call, I lost my health product which was urgent n I paid this guy a product amount.Shame on such a service, i aam going to report this for police.Big cheaters

Review №44

This is a commendable service which helps us to send few things across town. We used few times while our friends where in hospital and used dunzo to deliver home made food to them .

Review №45

Never prepay for anything... They are thieves. They take order and keep it themself... After you are tired of following up they may or may not deliver your product. They will spoil your day. Never ever rely on on them in Case of emergency. Its better you go yourself and buy from store. Their customers care is horrible!!!

Review №46

They delivered the cupcakes which were spoiled and all over the box. This is how they deliver. Worst second experience this is. Ain’t no first time and definitely the last time.

Review №47

One of the worst in terms of customer care. Their chat service is horrible. Every order that they mess up with incorrect items they dont own up and they dont respond on chat. The delivery agents are Ill trained. SwiggyGo launched just a few months ago and they show better promise. It seems to be a few months before this company winds up.

Review №48

Simple term is ...its worst...I dont find another word for this service... today delivery guy came and no respect and worse behavior...his name is Madhukar...never seen this type of worst fellow in Bangalore....I hope Dunzo take a action him...if not you loose reputation... Thanks

Review №49

Pathetic app. At initial stage they were good but now its like taking money and delivering spoiled products.

Review №50

I had ordered for pick up .. the partner picked and failed to deliver it but the app showed order was complete.. partner was unreachable in phone for the whole day.. when he connected next day , he argued that he had delivered n later went offline.. the customer support said to move legally against the partner and offered no support to recover my consignment.. not sure how can Dunzo employ such people without background check.. how can expect me to go behind lawyer and police station to recover my consignment.. please don’t use this services..

Review №51

Delivery staff is ill trained. Not sufficient staff in locations. Keep switching off service locations. Their customer chat service is also horrible. Need a serious revamp. It showed a lot of promise in terms of the idea but fizzled out. Swiggy go has started as a rival need to see how they go.

Review №52

Not driver partner call center

Review №53

Order processed and amount deducted from UPI account but no order shown in the app. I never received the order i have lose Rs.713.No option to call the support team for my loss. Please help me settle my order or amount.

Review №54

Worst service... Please never ever use this service... I ordered few vegetables, fruits, few grocery items... The delivery guy said he has purchased all the items and asked me to do the payment of 821/-. Which I did thinking its genuine. But I received only vegetables no fruits and no groceries. The vegetables that I received is not even worth 300/- I ended up paying 821/-. Can you imagine potato and onion kg is 84/- we get it in 40/-.Palak 100 gms 50/-, beans n carrots 180/- kg. i understand this is lockdown time prices may be high n they are doing their best serve customers which I appreciate. They can charge 100/- or 200/- more fine but not delivering all the items and charging almost triple the actual price. Its so unfair and clearly cheating. There is no way I can contact Dunzo and resolve this issue. Its clearly cheating. Please dnt use this service if u wanna lose ur hard earned money...

Review №55

Pathetic pathetic pathetic. Once you place your order They make sure to leave behind some items at store (which will be billed), then you fight with their customer support to get your money back...since you need the missing items to be delivered you will have to place another order and guess what you have to pay the delivery fee again.... I guess this is their main business plan to make customers order again and again and not deliver

Review №56

Hey just wanted to share an experience I had with donzo on 11th Feb.Booked donzo for delivery of food at 9pm, partner assigned by 9.05pm and the partner calls to inform his bike broke down and he would nt be able to deliver the parcel, immediately contacted the support staff and they assigned another partner who comes and picks up the parcel at 9.30pm. Again at 10pm recieve a call from another partner saying he is reached the restaurant to pick up the food at 10pm. Then restaurant manager informs me the food was already picked up at 9.30pm and when I contacted the support staff on the same they asked for 24 hours of time to resolve the same. However till date no action is been taken and neither have they paid me any amount for the damage incurred.Restaurant people be careful while using the donzo app.. The boys they assign are not trustworthy and donzo does not care about the customer support either..Have also attached the recording of the donzo person collecting the food from the restaurant

Review №57

Today I was informed by Bakingo-Brookfield that Dunzo has picked up my gift, at 11.30 am.My name is NSG PRASADTill now it is not delivered at 4.27pm, at ECC ROAD.WHITEFILD.I got message how was the gift.Please investigate.NSG PRASAD

Review №58

Please never pre pay for any food or groceries items there delivery guys are thief. They take your money book the order later keep the order with themselves. If you call them either wont pick up the call or switch off. The icing on the cake is when you come to know there is no customer support for Dunzo just a in app chat support which is automated reply for everything thing same reply we are looking into it and they will close the issue by themselves. Horrible.

Review №59

Pathetic and horrible...The dunzo guy stole my mobile... it was showing 1 minute away from destination but few hours later we came to know that my parcel(mobile) has been stoled ever since he switched off his phone. And the authority is not even taking any responsibility for it and we have filed a petition in the police but even thats of no use.. and its high time to ban dunzo in india..

Review №60

Ordered a cake and never delivered even after all payments including delivery charges paid...Rude and pathetic service and beware

Review №61

Patatic service no proper response from dunzo my order was picked n then you people cancelled I dont know where is it now n the chat service I asked to call back no response this how u do ur service

Review №62

The worst app.... just know to cheat people

Review №63

The most unprofessional, rude service I have ever experienced in my life. The delivery partner Paul (last name) , argues with me when I am trying to explain the route to my house. After coming infront of the house he yells and makes a scene infront of my house on the street. And then tells me hes going to cancel the order and drives away without delivering! I could not believe the audacity and unreasonable arrogance coming from this guy! I immediately messaged customer care which is again absolutely pathetic. They take their own sweet time in replying back. And every time the reply is the same Please give us sometime to look into this. If left to their devices, these guys would not even reply back the same day. Then the delivery partner came back, and told me I am going to throw the merchandise at you to the first floor! That was unbelievable!! All in all, as a consumer and user, I see Dunzo as one of the companies which doesnt have customer satisfaction/service as their priority. I am extremely disappointed with the service. And definitely will never be using this app again. New users who do not know what they are in for, well this is the reality! They will insult you in front of your own house as if you are availing services for free and like they are doing you a favour! I am going to stop using dunzo for sure, but I sincerely hope that the management looks into this and does something about it.

Review №64

Worst Service. When I need customer care help they are not even responding! I waited for them around 45min still they are asking me to be in hold.

Review №65

The best workspace given the interiors and our neighbors

Review №66

Worst app ever, I requested for a delivery at 2:42 pm none of them responded. I waited till evening 4:16, they did not bother to get back to me. I messaged support team all disappeared saying will get back to you shortly. I requested if I can look for other alternatives they din even bother to respond for anything I asked , Pathetic experience I have ever had. Just frustrating and waste of time. Finally I could not get delivered the order by them I uninstalled the app.

Review №67

Dunzo must improve their delivery quality and train basic delivery boys customer service.

Review №68

Dont value employees they treat them as slaves worst company

Review №69

The most inhuman company in India... Treats all delivery partners at slaves and customer support is bad and sad.... Swiggy go will take this DUNZO in coming days as they dont sknow how to treat partners and customer

Review №70

Dont go interview for this companyit is waste of time they will select the people know them personally

Review №71

The order delivered to me had cockroach in it and the order was not even right and when I contacted back to dunzo on coackroach issue they have not responded back even after sending images of the food

Review №72

Pathetic Service. Delivery person deliverd my courier at wrong address. Even Not dare to inform to customer to cross check. Even after raising complain no response from dunzo. What is the use of paying then high charges.

Review №73

Dunzo bangalore office

Review №74

No customer support :--)What type of company is this.Items missing in the delivery and no one responds..All escaped :-)

Review №75

There is No such customer care phone number mentioned any where.All I got was a Wrong or Switched off phones.Please update your Numbers everywhere which will be helpful for you and your customers who are in need and help rather than chat support.

Review №76

Nice place

Review №77

2 floors.. ample seating.. good working space

Review №78

Fishing Out For Fresh Fish!Sounds like a tongue twister, doesn’t it? Well, Yes! The courtesy to the blog title definitely goes to the melodramatic situation that I was in, last week. Recently, a close family friend of mine shifted to Bangalore from Kerala. It had been a while since I met her. So, when she mentioned that she was sick of being homesick, I decided to pay her a visit.The nearly 2-hour flight journey from Mumbai to Bangalore took me down the memory lane; those good ol’ days where most of our time was spent perfecting our grandmas recipes, trying out new food joints and then praying not to gain any weight. Such lovely memories, it made me smile and by the time I reached her apartment I had a long list of things that we could do! After exchanging pleasantries and catching up on each other’s lives over some piping hot Masala Tea, we decided to spend the evening cooking a lavish dinner – because there’s no homesickness that some good comfort food can’t cure!Well, the drama unfolded when we realised the key ingredient – Fish was missing and being new to the city, my friend was clueless about where to scout for fresh fish. I suggested we scrape the fish dish out of the menu but the palate wants what it wants! Well, excuse the exaggeration but believe me the emotions were flying high, she was adamant that her grandma’s fish curry recipe is the solution to her homesickness.So, as the internet savvy women of this era, search engines were put to use. Thankfully, Google came to our rescue and we went surfing for order Fish Online In Bangalore. It did churn out quite a few options but one particular site – dunzo caught our eye. Dunzo is basically an app that runs errands for you in the quickest possible time. Be it Food, Grocery, Medicine, Pet Supplies, Gifts or just to send Packages the app does it all! Besides Bangalore, this app-based service is currently present in six other cities - Gurugram, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, Delhi and Noida. The striking features of this app are that it has no minimum order, they promise a delivery time of just 60 minutes, there are available round the clock and the brownie point is new users get a limited period of free delivery. We were completely sold on the idea of Dunzo and were so fascinated by our discovery that, for a while, looking for Fish Online In Bangalore had almost slipped out of our head. Finally, getting back to our fish situation, we decided to “Dunzo It” as the app’s tagline goes! And true to its promise, Dunzo didn’t disappoint us! In 60 minutes fresh fish, along with a few other items, were at our doorstep and we put our cooking skills to work.Later at the dinner table, relishing over our culinary dishes, we mulled over how such innovative technologies/apps have saved us time and made things convenient for us. There’s an app for almost everything these days. It’s so hard to imagine life without them, isn’t it?As a chef and a food blogger, I always recommend new food joints/restaurants and after fishing out for fresh fish episode, I would definitely like to add the Dunzo app to my recommendation list as well. Whether you want to get your laundry picked up, deliver a gift to your loved ones or look for Fish Online in Bangalore like us, just Dunzo it! Dunzo

Review №79

Kannada Virodhi..Please use kannada in your online campaigns.

Review №80

Hi , I m using dunzo business app for couple of yearsBut unfortunately, they are charging high to us .... It has come to our notice , when one of our customer checks from her app .Her was saying 135/- n for us 150/-.Very strange n disappointing

Review №81

Best app to send any packages in City

Review №82


Review №83

Hello everyone please listen... I am one of Dunzo App user like you guys. If you have any queries or complains dont put it here.. This Page is mainly for Office employees, candidates who interviewed, and to maintain their office culture here.If any query regarding the app please use Google Play or Appstore review section. And for the Order details you can also use FB, their own contact form

Review №84

Always there when I need fast delivery

Review №85

Worst App. No response from the support team very irresponsible management. They have delivered the wrong item and and my money was not refunded. Reported so many times through app , but support team replies once in 4 days like appologise for the delay and your refund is processing. The support team also closes my issue without my concern. They are cheating the customers. Never do any transaction using this app.

Review №86

Denzo is super saported to me It is Good.

Review №87

I dont know why u ppl provide dunzo contact number which is always dead.Then why u ppl invest on phones and landlines.why make it visible on website?

Review №88

A prepaid package consisting of homemade muffins was never delivered and updated on the app as delivered. No support from customer care to track down the package or the untrustworthy delivery agent. Waste of time and energy. Very disappointed with the entire experience.

Review №89

The delivered the wrong order and refuse to refund. Worst they dont respond to emails sent it in their chat. Just logged a consumer complaint against them as such services that cheat should not be allowed to operate.

Review №90

Worst thing i have ever seen, guys pllzz i request you not to use this DUNZO for any emergency, even if you die these people will not help you out, even 1 star is not required for these people

Review №91

Good place to earn money, all part time and full time jobs available here and no restrictions must have bike to join this job.Mopet like Activa preferred since you need to carry delivery items

Review №92

Off late this App is very buggy and lots of payment issues. They abruptly cancels the order without thinking that the shop will lose the money. Very unethical company and app... RIP Dunzo!!

Review №93

Pathetic service and when there is a mistake from their side there is no way to contact them. Ordered food for my kids friends who had come home and paid on dunzo. 2 burgers + 2 wraps of fresh menu. They delivered one each and the delivery guys has no clue - he did not even have an invoice.WHY DONT YOU ALL F______ ASK FOR DONATIONS RATHER THAN RIPP CUSTOMERS.

Review №94

Very convenient, no hassle and decent delivery partners who always coordinate!

Review №95

I have order fish. They have delivered us the spoil fish

Review №96

Pathetic service no customer care number. After waiting for an hour they cancelled my order

Review №97

Poor delivery service always one or two items is missing and no proper resolution from support team.I am uninstalling the application.

Review №98

I stopped using the delivery staffs are thieves ..i asked them to buy food from a reputed restaurant .later found out that they got it from a cheap roadside shop .they did not even provide a bill and just took a random photo of the ground ..Now i have lost the confidence on this company .. its better to go and take your parcel they are all thieves ..i have seen multiple times these and have caught them red handed ... Never to dunzo again.

Review №99

Person came threatened and touched me also , worst behaviour... Never take it from dunzo

Review №100

The dunzo partner stole my product and blocked my call and these useless dunzo ppl dont give a f**k ....hate this useless app

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